*This is italicized*, and **this is bold**.

Use * or _ for emphasis.

This is a first level header

You can alternatively put hash marks at the beginning of the line: # H1, ## H2, ### H3...

This is a link to [Google](http://www.google.com)

First line.  
Second line.

End a line with two spaces for a linebreak.

- Unordered list item
- Unordered list item

Unordered (bulleted) lists use asterisks, pluses, and hyphens (*, +, and -) as list markers.

1. Ordered list item
2. Ordered list item

Ordered (numbered) lists use regular numbers, followed by periods, as list markers.

    /* This is a code block */

Indent four spaces for a preformatted block.

Let's talk about `<html>`!

Use backticks for inline code.

![Valid XHTML](http://w3.org/Icons/valid-xhtml10)

Images are exactly like links, but they have an exclamation point in front of them.

Full Markdown documentation


Hi, I'm Philippe Masset.

I made this minimalist online Markdown editor because I love Markdown and simple things.
The whole source code is on GitHub, and this editor is also available offline as a Chrome app.

If you have any suggestions or remarks whatsoever, just click on my name above and you'll have plenty of ways of contacting me.

Credit is due to John Gruber for creating Markdown in the first place, and John Fraser for his amazing JavaScript port, showdown.js.